‘Sweet’ NO.2 frozen espresso parfait

My next adventure into ‘Sweet’ was looking for a stand out dessert for dinner with friends, who love coffee.

Now I am not a coffee drinker but I do love coffee in cakes, chocolates and sweet treats. Unfortunately, I am often disappointed with insipid flavour and a reliance on sugar to cover a poor attempt. However I knew that this recipe wasn’t going to disappoint.

The description for the parfait sounded amazing '‘rich creamy coffee parfait set between chocolate meringue bases, topped with crunchy praline and a caramel whisky sauce’

IMG_0017 copy.jpg

We are lucky enough to be commercial neighbours with ‘Silver Oak Coffee’. They are artisan coffee roasters with a passion for sourcing the best coffee beans directly from farmers. They roast in small batches to ensure their customers enjoy the freshest coffee possible.

Bruce very kindly supplied me with a super fine espresso which would bring the intense coffee flavour I was looking to achieve. ( Please follow them on instagram @silveroakcoffee to find out more about their amazing coffee ).

IMG_2047 2.jpeg

Each element of the dessert takes time, but none are complicated, making for a very enjoyable afternoon pottering in the kitchen with a good friend to keep me company.

This recipe requires forward planning as the parfait needs at least 12 hours in the freezer to set. This was a bonus as it meant I could prepare prior to the weekend and I only had to whisk up the caramel sauce just before the meal.

The recipe suggests adding whiskey to the caramel sauce, however I am not a huge fan so I decided to add coffee liquor instead. This added yet another delicious layer of coffee intensity to the dessert.

Our guests eyes lit up as the dessert came to the table and there were mummers of delight as they took each spoonful. This is an exceptionally rich dessert and so none of us could manage seconds, so we tucked away the rest with a smile of joy knowing we could indulge ourselves later in the week.

IMG_2041 2.jpeg

My take away element from this recipe will be the coffee praline. It packs such a great punch of coffee flavour and will take our coffee brownies to another level. As well as intensifying the flavour it will add another level of texture to our already delicious product.