Clementine & almond syrup cake

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After a busy Valentine’s week at Gourmet Brownie we closed the kitchen and set about a well earned, relaxing weekend. In Ely we have a fantastic Farmer’s market and many of our foodie business friends run stalls, so an afternoon pottering around the market chatting to business friends, grabbing a coffee and treating ourselves to bread, cheese and many other delights is the perfect treat.

Ely Gin Company’s new limited edition Whimsie ‘St Clements’ gin caught my eye. Business owner James explained to me why this range is called Whimisies - this is a small, limited edition range that has come about from play & experimentation in their Gin lab and often uses seasonal fruits. James described "St Clements" as a blend of oranges, lemons & seasonal Clementines - creating a delicious citrus hit, fabulous as a gin & tonic.

On Saturday evening we enjoyed taste testing ‘St Clements’ and the blend of citrus fruits are perfectly balanced leaving you with a delicious, light zesty after-taste.


Of course then I got to thinking about how this could be incorporated into a bake. ‘Clementine & Almond Syrup Cake’ by Ottolenghi sounded a perfect place to play.

This is a light, fragrant cake using clementines and lemons with ground almonds to create a light texture. Whilst the cake is still warm from the oven you douse it with a citrus sugar syrup, creating a moist, final bake.

The cake recipe does not call for any alcohol, but I added a good measure of gin to the syrup once it had cooled slightly, allowing me to capture the gin flavour within the body of the cake.

The cake is finished by topping with a glossy chocolate icing where I swapped out the measure of cognac for ‘St Clement Gin’ to boost the flavour once again.

photo 3.jpg

This cake makes the perfect partner to a mug of afternoon tea, especially suited to my favourite Earl Grey tea.