Lemon Thyme & Honey Cheesecake

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March has felt long - windy weather, rain showers, poor light and a most unwanted cold. Duvet days, a series on Netflix, hot drinks, puppy cuddles and paracetamol has seen me through.

My husband swears by ‘Lemsip’ if he has a cold, the thought sends my stomach head over heels. So I stick with Mother Nature as the most reliable source for help to ease a sore throat, hot honey and lemon.

I actually don’t enjoy honey as a stand alone ingredient - I know that it has so many wonderful health benefits but I find the flavour of honey very overwhelming. So for me it has to be in a recipe or hot drink - you will never see me eating honey on toast.

On returning to the kitchens, I was drawn to the idea of using lemon and honey for a sweet treat. Ottolenghi’s honey & yogurt set cheesecake looked perfect.

This recipe is from his recent book ‘Simple’ and it stays true to the word. A few quality ingredients combined together creates this beautiful light cheesecake.


A simple biscuit cheesecake base is created with the addition of freshly chopped thyme leaves, a delicate, complimentary flavour to the honey & lemon. The cheesecake element is made with full fat greek yogurt, which is strained through a muslin to remove the whey. Cream cheese, melted white chocolate, lemon zest and a touch of icing sugar are added and simply whipped together. This is poured over the base, and then left to set in the fridge. Once you are ready to serve, warm honey is drizzled across the cheesecake and thyme is sprinkled over to create a very pretty dessert.


This cheesecake has a very delicate flavour of lemon and thyme and is extremely light in texture. I used an orange blossom honey for the drizzle but I can imagine you are able to change the taste profile by which honey you use.


This delicious cheesecake is the perfect light end to a rich lamb meal.