Shiraz & Fig Chocolate Brownies


You will remember from my last post that I baked delicious fig and frangipane tartlets from ‘Sweet’.  Once we had indulged in these delicious treats I went on a search to find a recipe that incorporate figs into a brownie recipe.  I was looking for something outside the normal of just adding figs into a standard brownie batter, I was on the hunt for indulgence - figs being a slightly more expensive ingredient deserve to be treated well in a recipe.

Up popped the Australian Good Food website and tucked away was an interesting recipe for fig brownies using red wine to compliment their fruity taste profile.

This caught my interest not just because it ticked the requirement for figs but, I remembered back in 2017 there was a mini craze that seemed to sweep UK baking sites for red wine brownies.  I hadn’t joined the band wagon as I couldn’t really see how adding a 1/4 cup of wine to a brownie batter would really create a brownie where the wine profile was prominent.

The Australian recipe require that you allow 500ml Shiraz to boil and then allow it to cook down by 2/3, creating a rich caramelised syrup that once used in the recipe creates a superb fruity richness to the final brownies.  I was won over by this thought and jumped onboard to give it a go.

IMG_0913 2.jpeg

Another positive to this particular recipe is that it is gluten free and uses ground almonds and walnuts which keeps the brownies moist and tender.  The recipe relies on allowing the brownies to cool overnight to gain the fantastic fudge texture.  A method we have always use at Gourmet Brownie to ensure the crisp crust and rich indulgent centre to our brownies.

I was delighted once tasting the brownies to realise that the careful work of creating the Shiraz syrup shone through in the final brownies.  It creates an intensely fruity flavour profile which helps the figs to sing.

I served the brownies with fresh figs, chocolate sand and top quality vanilla ice-cream.  Lets just say everyone at the table ate with a smile.

IMG_7304 2.jpeg

I would class this brownie under the category of decadence and really for special occasion since to gain the beautiful intense flavour you need to splash out on a good quality bottle of Shiraz.  I will tuck this away in my repertoire for extra special occasions.