MARCH - 2018

Here at Gourmet Brownie, we know how hard mums work. Some days it feels like the best job in the world – and sometimes it’s tough. No matter how big your children get, you never stop being a full-time mum. This Mothering Sunday, our brownie gift boxes make it easy for you to say, ‘thank you’. 


We’ve chatted to all the mums we know, and just for fun, we’ve picked out a brownie for every stage of motherhood. Which will you choose?

A box of simple classics for the exhausted new mum

She hasn’t had much for sleep for a while and she’s surrounded by nappies and new-born baby clothes. It’s wonderful and amazing – but at times it’s also terrifying. What she needs most is a comforting, reassuring hand on her shoulder. Step forward a box of four brownies in our classic signature flavours. Along with a cuppa in her favourite mug, they’re the perfect fuel. Because right now she doesn’t want fuss and frills – she just wants a simple, but perfect, chocolate brownie that’ll hit the spot. 


Delicate rose and pistachio for the busy mum who craves some me-time

She’s got the hang of motherhood by now, and it’s non-stop. What with toddler groups, the school run, work and everything in between, she barely stops. And when she does, what she usually craves is a bit of me-time. The chance to relax and do something just for her. That might be having a bath in peace, reading a magazine from cover to cover – or just simply finishing her cup of tea before it goes cold. Our rose and pistachio brownies are perfect for these moments. They’re delicate, pretty and grown-up – definitely a treat she deserves to keep all to herself. 


Crowd pleasers for the mum of teenagers

No day is ever the same. Her kids are getting more independent, but there are still times when they need her more than ever. Some days it’s plain sailing and sometimes it’s not – but she‘s always there to steer the ship. Our classic build-your-own brownie gift box is here to help. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, a chocolate orange day or a peanut butter day – our brownies bring people together and make them smile. 


Luxurious champagne and strawberry for the Mum with grown-up kid 

She might not see her children every day, but that doesn’t mean the bond is any weaker. That’s because, no matter how old you get, there are always times when you just need your mum. Even if you can’t be with her on Mothering Sunday, you can still celebrate with a box of our Champagne and Strawberry Brownies. They’re the indulgent, grown-up treat she deserves – whether it’s for a special afternoon tea together, or surprise gift on her doorstep.


Our brownies-by-post are like a hug in a box. And all mums deserve that, don’t they? To view our full range of gift boxes, click here. The last day for placing Mother’s Days orders is before 12 noon on Thursday 8th March.